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Pre-Op Surgical Instructions

Q: What should I know prior to my surgery?

A: During the surgical procedure, the diseased tissues will be treated and the gum tissue will be repositioned against the tooth.  Gum recession and food impaction will be noticed after this is accomplished.  However, every effort will be made to reposition the gum tissue to avoid the creation of cosmetic problems in the front area of your mouth.

Teeth can be sensitive to cold for several weeks following surgery.

There will be sutures and in many cases packing in your mouth for up to 2 weeks after surgery.  Try to eat a softer diet for several days.  Packing placed on a grafted area should remain in place for a minimum of 1 week.

Hypoglycemic patients should eat a light, high protein meal 2 hours before a surgery appointment.

All diabetic patients are expected to follow their normal medication and diet unless Dr. Rice specifically discusses modifications with your physician and you.

Be sure to take all blood pressure medications as directed by your physician unless advised otherwise by Dr. Rice and your physician.  Avoid caffeine prior to surgery, since it may affect your blood pressure.

Start taking antibiotics the night before surgery, if prescribed to you by Dr. Rice.  if you think you are allergic to any of the enclosed prescribed medications, please do not take them an call Dr. Rice immediately.

If proper pain medications are taken for 2-4 days after surgery, the expected discomfort should be minimized.  We encourage you to take off work for a day or so for post-operative care after surgery.  Take pain medication as needed.

If you wear a partial denture, please bring it with you at the time of surgery.

If you are taking birth control pills, please be aware the antibiotics can reduce their effectiveness.  An alternative birth control should be used while taking the antibiotic and first 2 weeks afterward.

Avoid smoking 2-3 days after surgery.  This will speed your healing.

Do not take aspirin, Excedrin, Aleve or any anti-inflammatory product 1 week prior to your surgery unless you are taking them under the direction of your physician.

If prescribed by the doctor, take Valium or Halcion as directed, 1 hour prior to the appointment.  If you have been given one of these oral sedatives, have a light meal 3 hours before the appointment and drink no alcohol.  You will need a driver to and from the office.  Please bring this prescription with you to your appointment.

Stop herbal medicines 1 week prior to your surgery.

If you premedicate for dental procedures, please premedicate for this appointment.

Please get the prescriptions filled at your pharmacy.


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