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Is the fear of dental care holding you back? Well now there is a great advancement in technology that Dr. Rice is proud to provide for her patients, DentalVibe. This technology provides vibrations that help block your receptors from delivering the message to your brain that your nerve endings feel pain.

This is what actual patients have to say:

     "I can usually handle needles since I donate blood every few months, but when it comes to getting shots at the dentist I get extremely freaked out. The vibrations definitely distracted me and it helped me a lot."

     "Thank you everyone at Rice Periodontics & Implant Surgery for exceeding my expectations. Your entire staff was prompt, friendly and comforting. The treatment you provided me was top quality and unparalleled to others. Thank you!"

     "I was skeptical at first but the DentalVibe actually worked. It really was a pain-free experience. Thanks for having this simple but effective tool that distract you so you do not feel the injection."

     "Really masks the pain of the needle!"

     "I do not numb up very well and I can always feel the needle when it goes in . . . but with this I now can feel comfortable when I go in, knowing I will not feel the needle."

     "Was skeptical at first, couldn't believe it would work, but it did. This simple device really did make it a pain-free experience. Wish the DentalVibe had been available sooner." 

Dont let fear stop you from getting the oral health care you deserve. Call Dr. Rice today and set up that essential appointment with ease of mind.


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