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I wish I hadn't taken so long to seek help from Dr. Rice.

My experience with dentists has improved dramatically over the past few years but before that it was a draconian event. Crude, embarrassing, rough treatment was the norm for me.

Several years ago a very dear friend encouraged me to deal with long term damage to my teeth. Damage that is partially due to neglect and partially due to traumatic injury.

I didn't take my friend's advice and waited until things got much worse before I reluctantly made another dreaded visit to a dental specialist, Dr Rice.

Had I any idea how wonderful, caring, gentle and loving Dr. Rice turned out to be I would have gotten the help I needed and avoided the years of pain and dread.

Dr. Rice has comforted me to the place where the physical pain is muted by her skill and understanding.

I've been told for years that my fear of the dentist is more psychosomatic than fear of physical pain.

Dr. Rice has resolved any fear I have and although there's mild pain, she has purposefully caused the mental anguish to vanish.


I don't ever dread my visit to Dr. Denine Rice and her staff. From the e-mail appointment reminder a week ahead, to the arrival at her office, the atmosphere is one of friendly professionalism. The office staff greets you by name and the office wait is never more than ten minutes. My comfort is priority and I appreciate that, but equally I know that the latest in dental technology is evident all around. Dr. Denine takes time to show me the pictures of problem areas (before and after) and her staff actually take time to guide me in properly taking care of my teeth at home. They help me to recognize that home is "where the rubber meets the road." I now take seven to ten minutes to brush my teeth; there is no need to rush this vital job. I now understand that my oral health relates to my total-bodily-health. The hygienist is so gentle that I have been known to relax and take a mini-nap, to his amusement. As I check out, the staff takes care to keep me apprised of the total cost, the necessary insurance job is handled, and new appointments are managed. If necessary, an appointment is made with my primary care dentist. No sweat... just smooth all around. In summary my visit to Dr. Rice - no pain, just a lot of gain.

R. Rubio, Riverside

Love you all!


Thank you for a good dental experience.


Awesome!!!! You are all wonderful!!! There isn't anything I can say to improve your exceptional business!!!!! A periodontal office is probably the LAST place on EARTH you would WANT to go to, but since I NEED to go, Dr. Rice and her staff are THE BEST in the periodontal business. They are genuinely caring and sensitive to the client's pain threshold. They do everything they can to make even the most difficult client, me, feel comfortable. I love Dr. Rice and her wonderful staff!!!


As always I am extremely pleased with my visit to your practice. Everyone is very sensitive to me and my particular needs. I would not think about going anywhere else. I love you guys never have I felt so comfortable with dental treatment. Wish I met you several years before I did and probably would not be in the situation I am in now...........but better late than never THANK YOU ALL


Everyone on the staff is efficient, friendly and welcoming. My Hygenist makes the entire experience a pleasant one - just a very nice young man. Always appreciate the friendly welcome when I come in the door!


Going to the dental (periodontal) office is not like a dreaded experience, but a chance to be with friends. That is the way I feel when I am in Dr. Rice's office. They truly care about you as a person, not just as a patient.


Dr. Rice provides an excellent service. She makes it easy to visit the dentist.


Dental treatment is always professional, caring and helpful. Treatment continues to be very good and satifactory. Great treatment and care with good explanation of implant procedure work being done, each step along the way.


Consistently my expectations are exceeded when I visit your office. You anticipate my questions and concerns and explain everything in such a gentle and caring manner. I've never felt so touched by a dental office.


Exceptional, as always! Always professional, always courteous, meeting the needs of the patient.


A friendly staff. Goes out of their way to meet the patient's needs. I would recommend this office to my friends.


Always great! Dr. Rice and her staff are always so caring and Genuine.


Staff are always friendly and welcoming. It makes for a positive experience instead of one that you dread.


Keep up the good work! Everyone is caring and friendly. I feel welcome when I come. The hygienist was caring and thorough. He gave me good advice on how to continue good dental health practices at home.


Legendary experience. Superb service with a friendly staff.


Thank you , I am highly satisfied with my dental treatment.


Excellent, professional service. Easy to schedule appointments. Great communication. Excellent, I wouldn't change a thing.


Who wants to go to the dentist? It's really not on most people's top 10 list of things to do. However, some things we must do to stay healthy. And if we must, (which I do anyway), I appreciate so much the entire staff of Dr. Rice. I have been seeing Dr. Rice and her staff for 3 years now. They have been able to keep my particular needs and concerns in check. Dr. Rice, the hygienest, the treatment coordinator, and all the ones in between are professional, thorough, personable, and pleasant. The procedures and exams are of the highest technology, offering a the most sophisticated and efficient way of dealing with your personal needs. I have complete trust in them. I highly recommend this outstanding group of professionals to anyone in need of periodontal care.


Dr. Rice's dentistry is very efficiently run. Very helpful and courteous staff. Check this place out before you decide on where to get your periodontic work done.


Thank you for getting me in right away. I would highly recommend your services to others. The whole staff was very helpful and courteous. Dr. Rice was very patient friendly and provided exceptional service. I was most impressed by the personal follow up call from Dr. Rice.


Your office and staff are not only professional but provide that delicate balance between business and doing everything possible to make me comfortable and at ease. I am always nervous about dental visits, however with each visit to your office everyone is friendly and caring. Thank you for helping me with my dentist chair fear:)


The service I received was excellent.


This is a very warm practice with the feeling of the doctors true concern for the patient personally!


Very attentive office, great dentist


Dr. Rice was very understanding and pleasant. She gives you undivided attention and I trust her judgement. the staff was also very pleasant. Great experience. The office environment is great.


The business seems to run well; effective communication, caring staff, flexible in the scheduling of appointments. I appreciate the friendly staff. Everyone demonstrates caring and empathy while interacting with me. I trust them to help me in my fight against gum disease.


Everyone takes the time to know you and make you feel like family. This makes it easy for me who is afraid of the dentist....Thanks for everything.


Your hygienist is awsome. He met my every expectation. He is very gentle and thourough.


I highly recommend D.D.S., Rice Periodontics and Implant Surgery to anyone requiring such service.


Knowledgeble and very compassionate.


Dr. Rice and staff are always sensitive to your needs and do everything possible to make your visit as pleasurable as possible.


I have been coming to Dr. Rice for years and have always gotten the best care ever. Every employee I have met here has treated me with warmth and caring attention. I recommend Dr. Rice to anyone who wants to know. Dear Dr. Rice and office family, I am very pleased with the service you have supplied for me. You always make me feel like a part of your family and I want you to know I appreciate it. I can easily tell that you sincerely care about my teeth and general well-being and that helps me to overcome my phobia about coming to the dentist. Because you truly care, I am now able to save teeth that would have been lost much sooner.


As always, Dr. Rice's staff was kind and courteous. They truly value their patients. Her staff offers a variety of tips for dental care in a caring, sensitive manner. While I do not like having dental work done, Dr. Rice and staff keep me going back. My Sincere Thanks!


I felt I was given a thorough cleaning of my teeth. Plus recieved advice regarding flouride for my aging teeth. All those who I had contact with were friendly, and helped make this a pleasant experience. My visit was pleasant as was the hygeinist. The cleaning was painless, and I left with clean teeth as well as my take away dental tools to help me continue the tooth care.


Nick is an artist hygienist - I continue to get my 3 month cleanings with the office because of his careful cleanings and for the dental knowledge he passes on.


A friendly, clean and great dental office.


Your staff was prompt, efficient and professional. I would recommend your to my friends and family.


Nick the hygienest took the time to answer all my post op questions. I appreciated his professional and friendly manner.


For years I've had my gums poked by a hygenist and I always felt tensed. But this time the hygenist swabed my gums with a topical anesthetic and the poking as almost PAINLESS. And I didn't tense up! Thanks


A great place for dental care. The staff takes great care in giving Legendary service.


We are very satisfied with your professional services and you are very sensitive to our needs. We are appreciated of your services.


Each time I visit Dr. Rice I'm amazed at the warm and friendly atmosphere. Everyone is so kind and they take the time to answer my questions. Dr. Rice is so gentle. It's seems funny to say about going to the dentist, but I look forward to seeing them.


I feel I am getting the best care at Dr Rice's office.


I had a very good experience and would highly recommend Dr. Rice.


This office is very much a bases on a personal level. Extremely sensitive to comfort, compassion and understanding. The staff are great listeners to your customized needs.


I had lost a post and Dr. Rice explained fully what my future needs would be. She also scheduled an appointment with a prosthodontist. Dr. Rice and her staff were very friendly and sensitive to my needs. Dr. Rice has a high degree of professionalism and knowledge. I would recommend her to anyone.


Dr. Rice and the staff comforted me with the major procedures I had. My experience was much better than I anticipated. I have no hesitancy in recommending her. I appreciated the personal follow up calls from Dr. Rice which meant alot. Keep it up!!!!!!!!!


Your dental practice is special. As a patient I can honestly say I actually enjoy my dental visits because of Dr. Rice (who is an exceptional dentist) and her office staff who are wonderful. Thank you.


Always a pleasure to come to your office for treatment. You guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!


Very friendly and knowledgeable, I enjoyed my visit very much with their concerned and making sure I was not cold,they gave me a blanket, was great, I am always cold.....they also provided Oxygen when I needed it because I had forgotten mine. Overhall a great experience. Livier you are an inspiration with your soothing voice and care. Dr. Rice is very nice, sweet with so much knowledge. Thank you all


Would not trust anyone else, always feel comfortable.


Very friendly and competent. Nice, clean and warm office.


Very comfortable environment and friendly office staff


My visit went well. My numbers were down since I had the Deep Cleaning. I have already used up all of my Dental insurance coverage for this 2009 year. However, I think it is still important that I continue the quarterly of my teeth. Rice Periodontics always provides a warm, friendly and calming dental experience.


Dental visits are seldom considered fun, but when you don't dread going,it is a big plus for that dental practice.


Very friendly staff that made sure you felt as comfortable as possible. Seemed knowlegeable in subject area.


Wonderful!!! Dr. Rice and her staff made my visit extremely pleasant. They all made me feel so comfortable. I am looking forward to seeing them again. I will definitely recommend them to my friends and family. Dr. Rice and her staff are amazing. They make you feel very comfortable and at ease.


Relaxed and comfortable friendly, efficient, professional, and caring